Notre Ludothèque

Our Game Library

A participative game library will be set up in order to keep a repertoire of games and toys, knowledge related to traditional games and playful practices of the world. This space aims to keep the memory of the games which constitute an essential element of the immaterial and material cultural heritage. It will also allow individuals to play online through an interactive space and to order available toys and games. The highlighting of traditional games from around the world will be a central point of this archival and sharing space. This game library will gather traditional games and toys from Canada, the Caribbean and other countries of the world in order to allow children to have access to these games in a virtual way and the possibility to borrow available games. They will also be able to find instructions on how to use these games and different hobbies in general.

jeux enfnats et adultes


This socio-community project aims to create an itinerant initiative in Ontario on traditional, indigenous and immigrant games and toys in order to raise awareness of these games and their beneficial impact in their integration. The objective is to give a better vision of traditional games and intercultural recreation by creating a climate of sharing and inclusion that integrates all groups of people (PANDC), and sexual and gender minorities. Through these games we want to engage communities towards a sustainable and inclusive development. We want to touch on these points from this project: education, sustainable development, support to communities (visible minorities, people from immigrant backgrounds). This project proposes to use traditional games and toys as a tool to strengthen communities, to bring them to discuss with each other, to value different cultures by using the French language and the languages of the games, to integrate target groups and to create a space where everyone can reflect on their integration and development.

enfants saut aux sac à sable